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Hunter’s Garden. Behind the scenes.

“Hunter’s Garden” is the name of the first work of fiction that I posted here on this website. It was posted in chapters as I wrote it. I learned that this was a terrible way to write and share a book. I will not be doing it this way again. A book is formed slowly and lots of changes happen. The early, mad ramblings don’t really line up with the final edited and considered story in any way that makes sense, not in the end. Not really.

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Now for the topic…

The words below are segments of emails, plan document bits and a general mix of things and thoughts I had regarding HG while working on it. I suggest that you skip it all, but if someone actually really loved the book, they may find this interesting. After all, I try to be as open as humanly possible with the “process” and this seems like a good final footnote in the Hunters Garden evolution from idea to finished work. I’ll stop rabbiting now. Here you are…

Be aware if you have not read HG then there ARE Spoilers below! Anything in between stars (italic) like this line is my own CURRENT comments

Notes to Drew.

The below is a segment of the original email I sent to Drew who was to be my editor, sadly we never found time to make it happen and I had to muddle through myself. This outlined his mandate and scope, as well as some concerns that I had. Mostly concerns… really.

As discussed,

Rip, tear, re-arrange and edit as much as you want. I have my original text saved safe for future reference. I’m not precious about it.

With this in mind, your edit can be as brutal as you think is required. If there are sections that you think are required additional and it’s more than a little tweak or one-liner let me know and I’ll write additional to your requirements.



Not really continuity problems but things that I think may need attention, things related to plot flow.

Final version.

Getting ahead of myself here, I know

I worried about this a lot


The working title all the way to the end of the process was “A Hunters Garden” and was often abbreviated to AHG. The final title is “Hinter’s Garden” which is VERY different as you now…

While I personally like the title I have to admit, it seems pretentious. But titling something like this is hard. It’s always going to be either pretentious, nonsense or unrelated. Finding something that relates to the work without spoiling it, while still emoting the sense of the work is hard.

With this in mind - Possible alternate Titles I have considered at one point or another were…

I may use one of those for the follow up if I start typing it

Other titles ideas are not only welcome but desired. If I don’t find one that makes me go “OOOOOO YEAH” I’ll just pick the one I hate the least and call it done. Or just stick with ‘A Hunters Garden’ I guess.

Notes to self.

There was a point in writing where I felt like the literal explosion of events, I had planned was way waaaaaaay above and beyond my actual writing skill (and it was, if I’m honest). The below ramblings were some notes and thoughts I made (to myself) to help me make sure it flowed in a sensible way. Some of this changed a LOT between planning and writing so I’m not even sure how worthwhile it is to share it here, but here it is…


The Hunters formulate a plan and try to make it happen, things go very wrong and we have to deal with problems.

How does it go down?: Tom orders all the remaining Hunters to go into the Warehouse to evacuate, as Anne tells the daemons (that double crossing git!)

Tom goes to the Deamon Realm with Howard to guard his exit and Charles as ‘cover’

The daemons from Earth invade the warehouse as they can’t get in via the daemon realm (because " B O O M " ?) they plan to take down all of the hunters at the same time, with the reduced numbers AND a surprise attack its more than doable.

Our scrappy heroes chase Anne out of the realm back to the garden, a fight ensues and she exits to earth, where Howard is waiting in the daemon night club to cover Toms exit.

Mike and Sophia don’t chase her because she is on Earth. From their perspective they have infinite time to catch her so they decide to deal with her later. That’s when shit stops working as expected in the Garden. Manifests as rain. this needs attention so they try break into Toms office to find the “controls” that Sophia always assumed exist.

Anne starts trying to open a portal back to daemon world. Howard sees that her soul is on the way out and coupled with her opening a portal to daemon world he realizes that there’s something wrong and then she is suddenly in a lot of trouble.

Tom fights her, she opens the portal at the last second, the same moment Tom opens a portal to her Warehouse. She is killed in the blast.

The tom then rips a hole from the daemon realm back into the Warehouse. Causing both the Warehouse and the Daemon realm to explode. Killing the hunters AND daemons and taking down the hunters realm. Tom and Charles Die in the process. Howard is on Earth and lives.

The fallout causes earth quakes in the garden but no lasting damage. When they go to the door to the warehouse it’s not there. Literally missing. They try over and over to open a portal to it but nothing works. The house begins to change.

The fallout leaves the Garden intact but every hunter (other than our heroes) from the garden are dead. Tom sacrificed them all, himself included to ensure that the “job” was done. A lot of good people died. It was not a good call but I was an effective one.

The Gardener says that there are other sects of Hunters out there and vows to rebuild and wait for the next darkness.

Howard is convinced that there must be more vampires like him and thinks that it’s how the first hunters were so powerful. He wants to make an army of them to be ready for when the daemons return. He doesn’t forgive Charles but he does accept the sacrifice he made.

Mike knows that wraiths cannot be destroyed and thinks he will see Charles again.

Sophia is filled with bliss at things actually changing again. Hoping that this new chapter will be brighter for everyone as each time the garden changes things get better. From the darkness of the original hunters to the lights of the new ones and now to something different.

Sophia tells Mike he is the new Tom and to use his Wraith wisdom to be a better leader than Tom was. Mike accepts as long as she stands with him.

The team begin to rebuild in wait for the next war.

The end, I guess.

It’s going to be a pain in the arse to accomplish all this from Mikes point of view. How will he both know what’s happening in the warehouse and in the Daemon realms.

I had always had a plan to shift perspective during the story. I planned on doing it early on and decided I had left it too long. When I realised that my ending was dependent on multiple POV’s I was pissed off with myself but didn’t want to betray the momentum I had built. So, I went back to my original plan of moving to an overview POV for the ending.

I think I need to have the perspective of the story change from Mike to Howard or Tom at some point (fulfilling the promise of the opening) but it’s going to be a hard old slog to write in a way that work properly.

Sticking points. How am I going to get Mike to actually “have” a Voice recording device? - retcon it into the apartment scene? (go back and edit it for final draft.) - IDEA! - have Tom give all the hunters empty gems to imprint on. As Mike can’t use charms any more, he hands him an old tape Dictaphone. The kind with the little tapes, I love that visual. Like, you can’t record your soul for future generations to hear… here’s a Dictaphone. Now I have the plan, when do I shift perspective? hummm…… Maybe Howard gave it to him. Or Maybe I just give the fucker a pen.

No way! I DID just give the fucker a pen in a shameless ret-con! good for me!"


I knew I had to justify the actions of the team. In my head I knew why they couldn’t open a portal from one place to another directly. I had intended to explain the mechanics of it when Charles was first introduced. I never did. I had to get it totally fixed in my own head and THEN explain it to the reader. This was how I made sure I was getting it correct

Locale Locale Validate Result
Earth Garden Neutral to light :+1:
Earth Daemon Realm Neutral to Dark :+1:
Garden Warehouse light to light :+1:
Daemon Realm Garden Light to Dark :-1:
Daemon Realm Warehouse Dark to Light :-1:

Shit me. how am I going to dialogue all this into the story?

Post Writing Thoughts.

Well there you go. some my notes, thoughts and neurotic ramblings. There was also a LOT of paper notes and half written ideas. Unsaved works and failed chapters. Everything I publicly posted was essentially the raw first draft and I the final version is not as far away from that as I thought it would be. I think all-in-all I’m happy with my work and the motivation I get from the raw posting helped me get to the end.


A few people have asked if I have any more plans for the world and characters, I have created in HG. Honestly, I’m not sure; if people do like it and do want more, I have had some half-baked ideas for a sequel that I’m keeping some notes on, it may form into a full story.

The file name those ideas are in is “”. Though it is just a place holder. The basic most vague idea is that it will be a more character focused story where my characters face off against a serial killer while at the same time have to deal with the reality of encountering hunters who come from other ‘Gardens’.

I also have a short story idea for Sophia’s earlier years. The events that led her to make the decisions she made in HG. Also maybe I tie in a Howard story. Why did Howard embrace Hunters the life so desperately? It’s really a collection of moments right now.

But I’m not actually sure if I want to write these things. The decision to write and share is something that takes months, and a lot of effort. I have to be sure its wanted before I get into it given all the things I could write instead.

When I think of it, I find that my fingers twitch. Maybe there’s some more gas in that tank.

Thanks for reading, and please do remember. Your feedback is MOST welcome. (