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Komi Can’t communicate (Manga series)

I have recently been reading thought the delightful “Komi Can’t Communicate” a 13 volume manga about a young woman in school who had a serious communication disorder. She is quite literally unable to form sentences around people outside of her family, and even around them its usually a couple of words.

Upon starting a new school she is praised for her striking looks and receives a lo of attention that she simply doesn’t know how to respond to. Her stoic look at thoughtful face make her classmates assume she is “cool” and “superior” in a way that makes her more appealing. It riffs on the cultural specifics of being in high school in Japan as well as an awareness of the motivations of teenagers.

Komi is sat next to Tadano Hitohito on day one. Tadano Hitohito is self described as “average” and realizes that there is more to Komi’s behavior than first appears. They slowly form a bond and he assists Komi in making more friends and getting more out of her high school life.

The series is sweet, good natured and un-ironic with a constant awareness of the characters feelings and a genuine warmness between friends.

As the series goes on we see more and more ‘friends’ added to the group but each one is a well realized character with a new point of view that enriches the interactions. It never drifts away from Komi and her needs as the focus for the story or the group.

There also seems to be a subtle and slow burning romance developing between Komi and Tadano that is quite literally the cutest thing ever, with both parties simply too timid and respectful to make their feelings known to the other. It’s a great read and I’m now 13 volumes deep in this charming series.

Honestly, I cant recommend it enough. That is providing you like Slice-of-life or coming of age style manga.