DATE: Fri 19 Feb 2021 By:

A test, you dont need to read this.


This post is the result of me needing to test a change to the script.

Heres some ascii art to make the click worth while.

              .od888P^""            ""^Y888bo.
          .od8P''   ..oood88888888booo.    ``Y8bo.
       .odP'"  .ood8888888888888888888888boo.  "`Ybo.
     .d8'   od8'd888888888f`8888't888888888b`8bo   `Yb.
    d8'  od8^   8888888888[  `'  ]8888888888   ^8bo  `8b
  .8P  d88'     8888888888P      Y8888888888     `88b  Y8.
 d8' .d8'       `Y88888888'      `88888888P'       `8b. `8b
.8P .88P            """"            """"            Y88. Y8.
88  888                                              888  88
88  888                                              888  88
88  888.        ..                        ..        .888  88
`8b `88b,     d8888b.od8bo.      .od8bo.d8888b     ,d88' d8'
 Y8. `Y88.    8888888888888b    d8888888888888    .88P' .8P
  `8b  Y88b.  `88888888888888  88888888888888'  .d88P  d8'
    Y8.  ^Y88bod8888888888888..8888888888888bod88P^  .8P
     `Y8.   ^Y888888888888888LS888888888888888P^   .8P'
       `^Yb.,  `^^Y8888888888888888888888P^^'  ,.dP^'
          `^Y8b..   ``^^^Y88888888P^^^'    ..d8P^'
              `^Y888bo.,            ,.od888P^'