DATE: Thu 25 Feb 2021 By:

Audio, Controllers and Confusion. Linux things.

I don’t mean to be “that guy” about this but there are two things that I encounter on a daily basis that irritate the shit out of me.

Firstly: why can’t pulse audio have a magic systemd thingy that goes “oh I’ve shit myself, I should restart the audio stack.”

Secondly: Why in the fucking world does a controller require a build in sound device??? I mean, yes. I get it. PS4 bell Ends want to plug mics into them and its cheaper and easier to build that into the controller than a mic connector. But ffs Linux developers, don’t turn on this functionality by default. It makes no pissing sense.

Today for instance I noticed that my echo cancellation source was my USB-HDMI capture device. POINTLESS. It should be actual sound device. So I changed it…. And then a bit later on I plugged in my DS4 controller and it decided that IT was the new audio device, then decided that because it was the new audio device it should be the echo cancellation source. Okay, I guess. Then I unplugged it… And everything broke. Why? Well from what I gather, the defaults changed because the audio devices had changed. Resulting in sound devices echo source being its self…. Yeah. Good job Pulse.

This has been your HexDSL rant for today.