DATE: Wed 17 Mar 2021 By:

Punkiest Audience ever. A Trendy Talk update.

Punkiest isnt even a word .

I just wanted to take a moment to say a moment to thank you all for being cool. When The Internet’s Chris Were, Drew and I hit record on that first conversation that we called “Trendy Talk” (as a joke may I add) we had no idea it would spawn an actual audience.

I did the ‘.Xpenguin’ podcast for literally years and while the live audience was a fine jumpin’ crowd I never got anything like the resulting email interaction I have from Trendy Talk. Much like busses my emails seems to arrive in threes, every few days I’ll get a little batch in the inbox. What I like the most about these emails is that people are just saying hi, telling us how they like the ‘show’ and generally giving some thoughts on Gemini and other topics we cover. No one ever really wants anything from us; they are just talking with us. I love that.

The Trendy Talk audience really seem to ‘get it’ we don’t have a stupid schedule, we are not on Live stream and we are have no real topic list. We just three guys chatting about things we find interesting and saying its ‘punk’ because Avant-guard is hard to spell.

I love that I have had a few seemingly unrelated emails now that end with the line “Stay punk as fuck!” makes me smile every time. If I weren’t as ‘punk’ as I am I would totally want that on a t-shirt!

Thank you so much for letting us flex this oddness and embracing it. I know we don’t break any records or have massive fan base but the people I receive those emails from make it all worth it. It feels like we have a little community of actually nice humans who genuinely just walk to hear us chat.

Thank you, you Trendy bastards.