DATE: Sun 11 Apr 2021 By:

Tweaking is joy

I like to edit text files.

I am in the middle of a fortnight off work. I played a metric shit load of Monster Hunter Rise on my Switch this week then at some point a few days ago my nerd bone began to twitch. Its like if I try and just be unproductive for more than few days in a row my body rejects “chill” so what did I do?

I setup my home server to HTTP stream my music (Made a video too) and configured my phone to work with it, so its basically Spotify for me now, kinda… Without the “good” buffering. Not too much of an issue though as I have pretty good signal on my phone usually.

That then gave me a brain noodle and the next day I set up “radio hex” a stream that runs on a VPS that serves up the “trendy talk” audio and some CC0(ish) audio tracks on shuffle. It’s a work in progress and the play list will only grow as time goes by, but its working its fun (and I made a video about that too.)

Then I read 200ish pages of “Head First C” - not sure how much went into the mind box but that got me twitching to be in vim again. I wrote up some of the tutorial code, I think I retained at least some of it.

Then I spent literally two hours configuring NCMPCPP to get as close to “perfect for me” as I can. You know what, great key bindings and a lot of magenta. It went pretty well.

Then an hour to make Mutt colours look similar, tweaked a setting or two.

Also edit a few pages of “The Hunters Garden” because I really should post part three at some point.

All in all its been a great couple of days. Something about “hanging out” in Vim seems to be good for my soul. I can’t help but think, I’m far more productive when I don’t have to dedicate time to work. :D