DATE: Thu 15 Apr 2021 By:

New website joy!

Well the trigger was finally pulled. I have one web presenece now and its gemini. However because I love having people who are not “hard core punks” look at my stuff my gemini site is now duplicated onto the web. Its not a proxy. Its a script/thing that TrendyTalk host Drew made that just takes my gmi files and hits them until they are html. Nice.

What does this mean?

Well, if you are “punk-as-heck” you will already be getting my stuff from gemini. So nothing changes.

If are “punk, but not quite punk-as-heck” and you use my world wide web site (Hitweb! For the 90s kids) then you will see the layout has changed quite a bit. Images do not auto-load and require clicks now. It’s literally 100% text too, which is nice for those with data caps (I guess?) Ah and there’s no RSS. I know the RSS thing bothers people (I’m an RSS advocate too) but I’m Gemini first now and on Gemini we don’t subscribe via RSS we have page-subscriptions. So get more punk I guess :/

Oh and some of the web links point to gemini so its best to configure your browser to pass ‘gemini://’ links into your gemini client. Or you know, just use Gemini like a punk!

If you are “not-at-all-punk” and look at the world wide web site via a phone, it is in no way optimised for that content. The GLORIOUS ASCII header is just mashed and looks quite shit. Quite shit indeed. Other than that, everything works as expected.

Remember though you “not-at-all-punk”-ers, you can get slightly more punk by installing a gemini client on your phone and then you can see the GLORIOUS ASCII header as intended and have a literally optimised-experience.

I use deedum on my phone.

But why?

I was maintaining two locations, gemini and web. So when I made a post I would write it a gmi (gemini script) and post to gemini. Then I would copy an paste the document into a markdown file, edit all the links to make them compliant with markdown and run the static-site-generator script on them (I used blop) so updating the web site was a chore.

Now I make a gmi and type “gempush” in my terminal. That’s it. Done. It makes the website auto-magically and I don’t have to think about it. Given that I am of the opinion that the web is fucked I would have eventually stopped updating it. So this is a great way of making sure it actually stays up to date long term.

hate it?

Okay. Noted. - its not changing back. This is how it is now.

The future.

As time goes by I have no doubt that gemini will gain traction because he web really is toxic. I think this decision will maybe way more sense in like 2-5 years time, then you will all look back and be like “Hex was so fucking punk!” and I’ll me smug.