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gemini and website updates


Dear gemini readers, this is of no interest to you but I have to post it here. Because my website is a mirror of my gemini… Sorry.

Drear slow, advert infested, burned, World Wide Web:

The “no RSS” stance has been reversed. Partly due to the MANY emails and comments I had about it. Partly because Friendo Drew of TT fame was sick of talking about it and did a “dirty” sed thing. From what I gather the figured re-implementing RSS to the site generating scripts was easier than replying to all the mails I forwarded to him :D

I feel like “Gemini First” was a good stance and it meant that you should have been subscribing with gemini but its not quite as embedded with everyone else as I expected yet. Still, its there now. I’m sorry it was missing.

The RSS address is linked on the front page but its:

My RSS feed (web)

An explanation of how this is accomplished. (Web)

I also got fancy little emoji’s letting you know it a link is “web” or “gemini” (The Earth for web and a Gem, for gemini, subject to change)

Over all I am SUPER happy with my website now.

Web AND gemini updates…

Also while I was updating the site I did some simlinking and literally published my own “lace” subscriptions as a text file. I

There isn’t as many as I would like so please do email me if you have an active micro-blog. I would love to read it.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, please look below

Lace explained (Gemini)
Lace explained (Web)

Unrelated, I removed the ASCII header. Every gemini pod I visit has an ASCII header an I was sick of seeing them. So I removed it.

Love you all. Stay Punk!