DATE: Mon 03 May 2021 By:

Motor Cycle in the Milkyway and other such hits

Recently I have been on something of a binge with retrowave/synthwave music. Having a wonderful time! There’s a strange futuristic yet 80’s sound from a lot of the stuff I’ve been listening to and I’m really into it! I think its mostly bad but the kind of bad that I adore.

Motorcycle in the Milkyway by Primo the Alien.

80’s baby Sunglasses kid.

Also multiple artists (VHS dreams, Timecop 1983 and more) seem to frame themselves as coming from an alternate reality version of the 80’s and while its obviously a setting not a claim to actual inter-dimensional travel I fucking love the vibe!

I really enjoy this driving at night with sunglasses on vibe and I can’t believe that I’ve only just started listening to this stuff regularly.

I think in part it’s because I have been using spotify less. When I’m at my desk its easier to just use MPD and because of that I’m aware that I have to take care of my own “discovery” of new music, so I have embraced bandcamp a lot more than I would have done in the past.

I do have terrible taste in music and make no claim otherwise but below is a link to my bandcamp page where you can see the stuff I’m listening to.

My Bandcamp profile.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk :D