DATE: Wed 05 May 2021 By:

10,000 is a big number.

Punk as all Hex!

It is true that there are YouTubers with one or two more subscribers than me. It is also true that there are YouTubers with one or two more than that. I have today hit 10,000 Subscribers and while arbitrary it feels strangely “nice.”

I have been addressing the population of earth via the medium of streaming video for many years now. I have never cared much about the numbers and certainly never made a video for the purpose of getting more subscribers. I have “grown” my audience by simply doing the things I do and putting them out there.

Honestly even I’m not sure why people subscribe. Some videos are games, except when they are Linux stuff, unless I talk about a book. Then there’s the times that I just record a conversation about a topic with a buddy (that format turned into the TrendyTalk podcast.) Recently I have I spend most my time trying to make people realise that the world-wide-web is broken and banging on about the gemini protocol. Oh and I even go so far as to reject the content guides that YouTube push and literally make “anti-content” (this one time I played Quake for like an hour.)

My channel has no real “theme” outside a vague promise of “Linux stuff, mostly” and I have no particular “YouTube Persona.” The Internet’s Chris Were has described my channel as avant-garde from time to time but I prefer to think of it as “Punk as Hex!”

What I’m trying to say is that I’m literally shocked that I ever got to this many subs! I don’t even think I “deserve” them or anything like this many. Don’t get me wrong, I’m always thrilled that people watch my stuff but I also wonder why they do.

So Thank you, and let’s see how big the number can get before YouTube becomes a Toxic wasteland.