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Self Hosting Adventures

I am currently working a little $5 a month VPS hard. I’m working it real hard. Each time I ask a little more of it I feel like I’ll need to either upgrade the VPS or get a second one. But, no! It just keep going! It’s a testament to how just how much compute we have access to for such tiny amounts of money. Also, Linux “stuff” is crazy well optimised.

I am currently using a $5 a month Digital Ocean Droplet for all of what I am about to talk about. It is not an “endorsement” or “promotion” of Digital Ocean. There are cheaper options and there and probably better options too. Digital Ocean is just the one I use because I have always used them that said; they have never failed me either.

Currently my little Droplet is running the following “services” for me:

Any one of these things is worth the $5 cost of the VPS and its mind blowing to be that all this goes on with such a humble “cloud” computer.

If a new project is being set up then I’ll need to interact with the machine via SSH and this works well. Sometimes I even mount it locally with SSHFS. If there isn’t a current work in progress I’ll just rsync to it via scripts without giving any thought to what is actually happening.

For instance if I want to post a blog entry I’ll just call the “new gemini post” script that will ask me the title and opens Vim. I then tap out my words and save/exit (‘:x’) then the script uses ancient magic (sed) to generate the HTML for my website and rsyncs it all over to the VPN where its instantly available. And all of that without me actually having to think about any of the “logistics”

With Owncast I simply press “stream” in OBS and the cogs all spin into life. A few moments later I’m Live. I can go to the admin page and tinker with settings or stream title. Again, all dealing with a front-end and not thinking too much about the VPS directly.

Pleroma is a recent addition but I use it either directly via the URL or via the Fedi “app” on my phone. Never having to get involved with deeper configs (now its set up)

All in all, its mind blowing to be both the value for money I get from my VPS as well as the quality of the projects its running. Self-hosting things may get complicated during the setup phase but It’s wonderful in the “just use it” phase.

Planned additions and half-baked idea’s to this VPS are:

As always your thoughts and feedback is most welcome via email (or Pleroma now, I guess) via