I have used RSS on and off for literally years now. More recently though the lack of a good desktop client with good syncing ability has killed that love a little for me but after a conversation with the wonderful Chris Were, this enthusiasm for the platform has rekindled my love.

The first problem I had was choosing a reader. After way less time than I expected I realised that I just love NewsBoat and wanted to use IT above the other offerings. I set it all up nice then made, a video. The only problem I was having was that NewsBoat does not sync to any cloud service. Because of this, I was still mulling over a solution.


WRONG! - NewsBoat DOES have built in cloud syncing, and that MAD that is! - Turns out you can turn it on with just three lines in your Config file!!!!

So I made a Video Explaining how!


Thank you SO MUCH to LinuxPaulM (From the Discord/Twitch chat) who pointed this out to me!