This post is not Linux related! (shock! horror!)

The Problem!

I have this Android emulator handheld gaming thing. Its a GPD XD+ and I really like it. Because it gets a lot of use, it has began showing signs of its age. The hinge housing on the top part of the lower half has cracked. I think it over heated on me once or twice when I was pushing it pretty hard (Emulating a Playstation 2 to play a long session of Tony Hawk 2) and the D-Pad is not what it once was.

Solution Time!

  1. Change Housing for new, stronger one (I think) that I brought from E-Bay.
  2. Tighten Hinge so it wobbles less (always pissed me off that has.)
  3. Change Thermal Paste for the good stuff I use on my PC.
  4. Change D-Pad for a Nintendo DS Lite one - those are nice and I’m told it fits if i have a Rubber pressure thing from a Wii-remote. (unclear but I will harvest all the bits anyway)

I am a man of ACTION!

How did it go?

GREAT! - I now have a much improved device! - The DS D-Pad was a little lower profile than the GPD one, it feels nice. I did not have to change the plastic top, the rubber would have been enough to improve it up the DS one looks stark! (its while on a black device and I like how it looks, Janky appeals to me!) and the plastic is MUCH higher quality on the DS one.

The new case IS thicker plastic than the old one so will last longer HOWEVER its thicker on the outer edge. Is not as good a fit as the original. Again, I enjoy Janky so its fine for me.

Also the WIFI antenna was a dick and I needed to re-solder it when I put it all back together. The bad join on it must have been a long standing issue because my repair job has resulted in VASTLY improved WIFI - So, that was a win! - I also liked that I got to check continuity with my Multi-Meter. I like the beep it makes!

I had a nice time doing it. There was a time in my life when I would have either lived with the broken hinge or would have just thrown it out. I like fixing things.


Yes. I know. If I do any more of these types of videos I’ll keep my noggin out of the way more. Also, when the office re-shuffle happens in a couple of weeks I’m planning on setting up a dedicated desk for fixing shit and working on PC’s. That desk may end up with a dedicated PC and camera for these types of projects.

Can I have more / less of this stuff?

YES! let me know if its more or less you want!