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I have not played enough PC games recently.

psychology and time management.

For the first time in years my steam “recently” played (last two weeks) is down to something in the region of 3 hours. Its been a around 40 to 90 hours for years now. A combination of things has led to me playing way less.

Firstly, we have Monster Hunter Rise on the switch. Eating all of my game time for at least 3 days a week. Then we have the recent collapse of my Arch install that ate days while I was fixing. After that I went directly into my self-hosting marathon.

At the end of all this I have not really touched my PC for gaming in over two weeks. I have logged some Doom Eternal time to test my fresh install was working as expected and loaded Asespite to make some art assets for the channel, its not a game but does count towards steams play time.

Now I’m looking forward to getting on something new for binge of mouse and keyboard tactility. I was recently pointed at the game Carto (a map building puzzle game.) I picked this up while it was on sale and plan on logging more than a few hours. When the sedate play style begins to wear thin on me I’ll switch things up with some Doom Eternal, finally finishing the second “old gods” DLC.

It does bother me a little that I’m actually a little twitchy to play PC games. I’m craving the tactility of my keyboard and mouse experience. Its not even like I have not been gaming anywhere. I have been logging a lot of Monster Hunter after all.

I wonder if perhaps my pretty obvious “game addiction” is actually more to do with the physicality of the pass time than the games themselves. I had never considered this before. It doesn’t matter (obviously) and I use the term “game addiction” is a lose, light and playful sense because it has never actually caused my life harm but even with my mild obsession I think I can empathise with those who have an actual “problem.” It often feels like its not optional for me and while I like my switch a lot it feels like a pretender to my keyboard and mouse. Like an off brand chocolate bar when you really want a Mars™

Is only given the way I feel at the end of these two weeks that I have realised that I could easily develop a more serious problem with gaming and am going to begin making a more concious effort to keep an eye on my gaming habits.

With that in mind though, I really am looking forward to a good old DOOM binge this weekend!

Other projects.

The two things I like to do that are not gaming are “fucking with” code/Linux stuff and writing. I feel as guilty if I under indulge in these things as I do if I don’t game.

If I don’t screw with code/Linux stuff I feel like I may get stupider and if I don’t work my brain it will get soft. So I lust after feeling challenged by things.

I write most days. Sometimes I work on “The Hunters Garden” narrative that I have been publishing on this very site when I feel that sections are good enough, or I’ll tap out a post like this one. Some times ill write bits and drops of other stories that I may focus on once “The Hunter Garden” is finished.

My next “big” work will either be a murder mystery about MMO addicts who live in a small town with a man named Viking and work in a train station (oddly specific, I know) or “that science fiction” thing I have had rattling around my head for a decade where our hero does battle with an ancient robotic evil, does some actual reincarnation and ascends to godhood, oh and there are space ships.

How about that for over sharing 😁

Ill stop now.