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The accidental pod-cast and the greatest intro known to man.

For those who are interested there’s this half baked podcast I’m doing with The Internet’s Chris Were and Uoou (Drew/Friendo/Drew-berry-short-cake/SonyaGomez)

Much like the TV show “Friends” is often said to “be about nothing” This podcast is also about a some grumpy 30 (40) some things hanging out in a coffee shop and talking about life. Except that its us three talking about Free Software, Linux and the fun things we do with computers.

Its available on my YouTube channel (obviously) as well as on PeerTube via Chris Were.

Heres the cool intro I made, this maybe actual fucking art this one.

Trendy Talk PeerTube page (Thanks Chris)

The most recent episode is about the “micro-blogging” thing we are all doing and how you can get involved. For more information visit Drews page here…

Drews Post about his Lace Script.

Anyway, Hope you all hang out, Micro-blog and listen to us all talks some Trendy shit.