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Content warning: this is a pointless ramble

The biggest problem I face with my entertainment is that is TOO damned good! Here are the plates I’m currently spinning… (Things I’m trying to find time for)



Books (and comics)

Other Hobbies

Other Essential Time sinks

The reality of all this is that I’m rarely at a loss for things to do. I’ve had to start making Task-lists in Calcurse just to keep track of it all. And, I’m at the point where I actively DODGE picking up new things to be interested in because its too much.

This is an odd sort of satisfaction to have. While some people I know say dumb shit like “If I won the lottery I would still work, for something to do” or “I can’t have more than a few days off work. I’m at a loss for what to do with all the time”, I am constantly fighting with all the cool shit in my world and its all wonderful.

If books, comics, TV, Movies, Music and Games were all put on freeze right now, I would have enough stuff to do for the next 100 Years!

I listed all the cool shit I like in this post, on the off chance that you, dear reader may want to look some of this cool shit up. But, the reality is, I think, that you will be making some ’lol’s as you read because your list of shit you want to read/watch/play/listen/do is just as long as mine.

We live in an odd time where the rate of “good shit” vastly out paces the rate of “free time we got” and I fear, thinks are only going to get more dense at that ‘time’ goes on.

Not to mention all the cool shit Ive never even heard about yet

What a wonderful time.