When I read a book, or play a game that I don’t enjoy, the bit of my brain that wants to talk about said thing just doesn’t kick in (Unless its bad in a really interesting way)

Usually I want to talk about the things that I enjoyed because:

I do sort of worry that the perception on my Blog and/or YouTube channel is that its all fluff and no critique. I worried about it a lot actually. The truth is that my brain gets to its opinions and ideas by obsessing over things it enjoys. When I don’t like a thing, it simply doesn’t get mind-share.

I talked about some Arthur C Clarke stuff I read an didn’t enjoy a while back but it was interestingly uninteresting to me and that game me something to noodle on, and eventually blog about.

I also don’t think its entirely bad to be a hub of positivity on the internet. When people see a new blog post they are like “oh, cool, something Hex liked, something I may like!” not “ewe”

Creators and writers like Jim Sterling are pretty great at ‘Hating’ things, its a skill. A skill that I don’t really have and don’t want. I want to enjoy things and not waste time on things I don’t enjoy.

That said, even when I enjoy things, I’m not blind to its flaws. I think I do a reasonable job of outlining the bad in the things I talk about but overall its usually a thing I enjoyed. Sometimes/usually in spite of its flaws.

Its been a tough month for me, personally. I had Covid. There was a death in my family and honestly, I wasn’t okay for a little bit back there. I’m fairly sure that my habit (addiction?) of focusing on things I enjoy and always looking for something new to enjoy was the thing that stopped me falling into a hole of sorts.

It’s not even optimism or naivety. I just love to like things. I want to fill my brain up with all the cool stuff. I don’t want to waste energy on shite.

Not sure if I had a point here. Just felt like sharing some thoughts. I guess that’s what a blog like this is for.

Hex out. Be cool, Stay in school.