The web needs to fuck off already.

DATE: 31/01/21 BY:

I know, its a tired old donkey by now, to write about Gemini on Gemini. The thing is, this small internet thing is actually better than the big internet, for me at least.

I know, we all hate how the internet has become the home of corporate Babylon. The bloat creep has reached critical mass. The browsers require more power than existed on earth then the web was conceived in order to load a modern day “simple” web page. Its a literal nightmare in action.

Something new.

Then enters this new thing I only discovered recently. Gemini. A way of interacting with the internet where I can browser pure beautiful text. I tried to not get sucked in. I already had a crack at Gopher that didn’t take. But then friends kept talking and I just HAD to get involved.

Gemini has some cool things going for it… I can write this very post in VIM in a terminal. Then from my terminal upload the post. Then from that same terminal open Amfora (my Gemini client of choice) and read the post I just made 😃

I currently download my YouTube videos to my server with a systemd timer and YTCC (a YouTube-DL subscription script thing) so I basically stopped visiting the website entirely. I read my regularly visited websites through Newsboat and when I do need reddit for something I use TUIR to view it from the terminal. When I do use the web, its with Qutebrowser a keyboard driven application that basically feels like the terminal anyway. Gemini fits my workflow, ethics and tastes better than anything else I have tried. It’s just a great fit for me.

Over all the reason I don’t browse the web very much any more is because it has driven me away. I don’t like it. I like text. I LOVE text but the mess the web makes of these things is not okay. The visual noise of the web is oppressive to me and I seem to have been subconsciously distancing myself from it for a while now.

Gemini literally seems like the cure to all this. I know, there isn’t much content on here, really. But it may get bigger, it may fade away to nothing but honestly, this little adventure into the small internet has made me realise that the actual internet isn’t fun for me at all. Actually I’m starting to think that the literal allergy I have developed to comments is a symptom of the web not being ‘good’ for me. I can’t help but read them but I also hate them!

A Voyage.

I found a gemini capsule earlier today heres a link


It’s a bunch of creative writing that seems to be updated regularly and seems to be part of a community effort. Not low quality comments but actual creative collaboration. Then I realised, who gives a shit if there isn’t much on Gemini, the stuff that is on here is quality home grown fun stuff. I love it.

If gemini does fade into nothingness, at least I got to read some cool shit for a bit. I intend on trying very hard to not get sucked back into the web that is the web. I think my current trend away from it all is good for me in every way.

Its wonderful to find that this thing exists that is basically my dream way of interacting with the internet.

I didn’t have a point to any of this, it was just a stream of conciousness that wont get proof red. It would have gone into my microblog but there was a lot here.

👋 Hex out.