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Universal paperclips. A Clicker.

I like clickers. I especially like GOOD clickers. By good I mean the kind that eats you every waking moment until its made its way entirely though the addicted part of your brain and out of the other side leaving you feeling reborn.

This is exactly that in something that takes about two to ten hours total ‘attention time’ depending how you choose our tweaks. Before I ramble on and forget the important part, the link is below. Also there is an android version its ad free and cost just under £2. I played that one and was happy to hand over my pennies for a couple of days of button tinkering.

Universal Paperclips (website)

One of the things I love about this game is that its just a white page with some buttons on it. While I love a pretty clicker as much as the next person, this one basks in its own simplicity.

It is broken down into three distinct phases each taking a little something from the phase before it.

First we have the basics, click, get a clip, then use the clip sales to automate and so on.

Second phase is all about stock market investments and training investments AI’s. Sooner or later you’ll have converted all the mass on earth into clips and no longer need to worry about money. The only resources being the clips and their components.

Third phase is about exploring the universe and consuming all of reality, converting it all into a glorious paperclip empire. Yes. really.

Its grand and silly and addictive and each phase seems to be perfectly tuned to move on the exact moment you start to tire of it. Its genius is in its pacing. It even give you an option to restart or just end the cycle and nope out. I left, no desire to start again but I enjoyed my time a great deal.

The dark satire and subtle commentary on consumerism was probably not intentional at first but by phase three its very self aware.

If you are bored, or like me have an occasional compulsion for a clicker then its very much worth your time.

Praise the Clip. The Clip is life.