DATE: Wed 04 Aug 2021 18:25 By:

Deliveries, Gifts and thanks.

These last few days I’ve been having some meandering thoughts about how nice people are. These thoughts don’t quite make up an entire post. So I thought I would write a post…

I don’t think I make big enough woots about all the cool things people send to me. Since talking about my Amazon wishlist in videos I have received many wonderful things.

I try to mention the things in Discord and in videos but I worry that the people who send them feel under appreciated. If you dear reader have sent me something from the list then I promise you that it was welcome, appreciated and used!

I don’t talk about the things I am sent too much when I make videos though because when I watch other channels and they go into great depth or do package openings I feel like its non-content. It comes cross boring and entitled (to me at least)

I did want to take a moment here though to talk about some of the things I have received. This is not an exhaustive

I haven’t listed it all here item by item in part because from memory I’m sure I’ll miss something and feel terrible.

I am thankful for all the gifts and that people take the time and the expense to send me things even though all I really do is talk about stuff I like on the internet.

Thank you SO much internet people - You the best.