Found A Cool Cyberpunk List

by HexDSL on 2 Feb '21

Spelk knows shit!

As you may or may not be aware I have been messing around with the Gemini protocol and hosted a pod over on gemini://hexdsl.co.uk (shock address that one, I know) and I was thinking to myself how oddly cyberpunk it is to have a “sub” internet or secret web, not as dystopia as the DARKWEB and shit like that but oddly Cyperpunky™

Then I checked Mastodon (Unrelated to anything) and saw that user Spelk had set up a Gemini pod. What post was first??

“Dystopian cyberpunk future I always wanted” was the title. I had a good chuckle to myself because apparently I’m not the only one who feel this way.

Anyway, the post over on gemini://gemini.spelk.online is great. It lists some Movies, Anime and games with cyberpunk themes. Its a great post and theres even some stuff on there that I have not seen/played. So I thought I would share it.

Well, I say share it, The location of the post is gemini://gemini.spelk.online/log/2020-05-01-dystopian-cyberpunk.gmi but it would not be very Cyberpunky™ of me to just give you proxy would it!? Get your own damned Gemini client!

Thanks for the quality read Spelk. I bookmarked your pod and look forward to more posts.

(Side note, I adore my computers setup, all those terminals and things, feels Cyberpunk just reading this and all im doing is listening to terrible 80s music and typing.

Thanks for reading.

this post is also avalible over on gemini://hexdsl.co.uk/log/Found_A_Cool_Cyberpunk_List.gmi on gemini
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