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HexDSL - HexShards Tape 2


HexShards Tape 2

by HexDSL on February 2, 2020
888 888                   dP"8 888 888     e Y8b     888 88e  888 88e    dP"8
888 888  ,e e,   Y8b Y8Y C8b Y 888 888    d8b Y8b    888 888D 888 888b  C8b Y
8888888 d88 88b   Y8b Y   Y8b  8888888   d888b Y8b   888 88"  888 8888D  Y8b
888 888 888   ,  e Y8b   b Y8D 888 888  d888888888b  888 b,   888 888P  b Y8D
888 888  "YeeP" d8b Y8b  8edP  888 888 d8888888b Y8b 888 88b, 888 88"   8edP

I really LIKE hex shards. Making it, that is. I find it wonderful to just have a pointless outlet for something I want to say and not have to have a reason or enough content for a whole video. People mostly, seem to like it. I took the lack of hate mail as good reason to carry on.

Download - Right click and save it.


I try to proof read. I'm Dyslexic. Mistakes happen but I do my best!