Lace and Gemini Micro Blogging

by HexDSL on 18 Feb '21

No server twitter has arrived.

As most of you are aware no doubt, I have been doing some self-hosted micro-blogging both on this website and over on my Gemini pod. The Internet’s Chris Were and Uoou (Drew) have also been doing it. Seems a few more readers/viewers of our Gemini themed content like it too. With this in mind Drew knocked up a pretty great script that allows you to “Subscribe” to gemini based micro-blogs and interlace them.

I won’t go on any more because he did a wonderful write up on his webpage, and Gemini pod. Ill link the webpost here.

=> A script to interleave tiny Gemini logs

I genuinely hope that this catches on and becomes a thing. There’s not much cooler than hacking together your own twitter alternative that’s client side compiled from peoples own posts on a protocol that no-one outside of nerd culture knows about.

That’s punk as fuck that is!

Enjoy. I guess.

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